Thursday, 23 March 2017

Solving Problems

WALT:  Solve problems with fractions, decimals and percentages

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Why People Need To Drink Water

Explanation Writing - What Makes A Good Friend

Explanation Writing

In this explanation writing I am writing about what makes a good friend. A good friend is trustworthy, Loyal, and caring.

Trustworthy Friends.

Trustworthy friends are people who are can trust each other and be worthy. How do you know when you want to trust your friend? If you have a friend you have to trust them because she/he have to know you like them as friend.

Loyal Friends.

Loyal friends is someone who supports you in everything. For Example: If you fall down when you are playing a game and they are on the side line they will just cheer you on.  

Caring Friends.

Caring friends is someone who cares about you. For Example: If someone hurt your feeling they will try to cheer you up but doing a funny face or dancing weirdly. Also if you hurt your self your friend will take you to the nurse’s office/sickbay.

Friends are a really good thing to have in your life because you can talk to them about anything.

Friday, 17 March 2017

On Our Way To Poly Fest

On Our Way To Poly Fest

Have you ever been to Poly fest before? Well Team 5 went on a long trip to Poly Fest.

Our trip yesterday was for our education and people who are shy about there culture get an opportunity to make them feel confident. Also we when there to know more about their cultures and to understand more. Poly Fest is a good festival to go to because you get to learn about cultures you didn’t know about also you get free stuff and some of the stalls you win stuff.

When we got out of the bus there were other schools lining up it was so crowded I couldn’t go through any one then when we finally made it past the long line we went to sit down and we sang some songs. After that long wait we went to some stalls the first one my group went to was the digital poi. We had to go in groups of five in the digital poi. A digital poi is something that is a poi and it lights up and it is really cool. Team 5 got free bags, glasses, fans and a poster from the ASB truck which made us feel amazing.

I think it is important for students who participate because they need to learn what their cultures is about and what is means they also have to be confident about their culture. What i think is amazing about students performing in the polyfest is they get perform and show people this is what their culture is and this is how it works. They also get to show off their dance skills.

I have explained about what is important for student who participated in the polyfest. Also I explained what is fun about polyfest. If I had a chance to go there I would definitely go there with my family.  

Tuesday, 14 March 2017