Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Simple Complex Sentences

Turn these simple sentences into complex sentences:

1: I went to the shop while my mum was sleeping

2: I hate basketball because I don’t know how to play.

3: I have a friend called Andrea she is really kind

4: The kittens were adopted by the family because there real owner was allergic to cats.

5: Peanut butter and jam sandwiches are my favourite because they taste delicious. 

6: The surprise party was organised by Wendy’s two best friends while I went to buy food. 

7: Charlie could not hear his watch ticking because dad was snoring

8: Sara owned a dog while I was eating food.

9: We have apples in the fridge because dad works for a fruit shop.

10: Mrs Judd went to Samoa while her husband was looking after her family.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Home Learning



Today we were learning about Technological process, We made a jelly bean tooth pick structure. First we brained stormed what we were going to do. Then we research the best way to build a jelly bean tooth pick structure. After that we Plan/Design what will it look like, we also created it and we presented it to my class. When we tested our structure it could only hold up two books. What will I change about my structure? I would have made it stronger or longer. I really want to try this and hope you try it. After the contest we got to eat our jelly beans.

We tried to make this but it almost looked exacted like it.